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Corporate & Business Law

Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

Corporate and Business law attorneys at Cowlin, Curran & Hanzel offer a client-centered approach where we get to know your business so we can understand your objectives and provide appropriate advice. We offer a wide range of services that may include but are not limited to: business entity formation, filing annual reports with the Secretary of State, preparing annual corporate meeting minutes, annual corporate resolutions, general transactional matters, etc.

General Civil & Trial Practice

We offer a wide range of experience in litigation-related services for not only business entities but individuals alike. Our firm has represented clients in everything from personal injury claims to property damage or estate disputes. We know the court system and will not stop advocating for you or your interests. Our attorneys can offer legal representation on a host of disputes that may involve civil litigation and advocate your case in the proper forum.

Contract and Property Disputes, Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice

Municipal & Local Government

Our firm has been representing local government entities and their interests for over 50 years. We are well versed in the evolving roles of city attorney, general counsel or special counsel and how to best advocate for our clients in a myriad of complex situations. Our attorneys understand the pressures of being in the public eye and offer cost-effective and pragmatic solutions for our clients' needs.

Land Use Matters, Labor Negotiations, Ordinance Preparation

Trust Wills & Probate

Estate Management/Planning, Property Management, Mortgages

Estate planning can be an onerous topic people find uncomfortable but can prove to be helpful to protect your assets and distribute per your wishes. Passing without an estate plan can leave heirs dealing with the court's probate process, often leaving beneficiaries with a reduced amount of inheritance. Our attorneys offer a seamless approach that helps family members and individuals understand a deceased estate plan and distribute without error.

Real Estate & Land Use

Residential and Commercial Contracts, Zoning and Development

Cowlin, Curran & Hanzel has a long history of representing individuals, developers and a host of other private entities during residential and commercial purchase/sale agreements, conditional use permits, rezoning, annexation, real estate litigation and lot development matters. Our unique experience and comprehensive understanding of land use matters in McHenry County allow our clients to make well-rounded and practical decisions regarding their specific situation.

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